Since 1999, TeenBusiness.com has been the only news and information portal for young entrepreneurs, investors, inventors and their parents/educators. In this site, we sometimes use the word TeenVestor to refer to young people involved in entrepreneurship, investing, inventing and other activities to explore their passions.

The specific goals of this website are to:

  • Expose teens to entrepreneurship and other young people starting their own businesses and/or exploring their passions;

  • Explore the world of teen inventors and their motivations;

  • Teach young people how to become life-long investors;

  • Help educators expose their students to basic economic and business concepts.

The idea for TeenBusiness.com (formerly Teenvestor.com) is from Emmanuel Modu and Andrea Walker -- co-authors of three books about young investors and entrepreneurs: Mad Cash: A First Timer's Guide to Investing $30 to $3,000 (Penguin/Perigee); TeenVestor: The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and Their Parents (Penguin/Perigee); and The Lemonade Stand: A Guide To Encouraging The Entrepreneur In Your Child (Gateway Publishers).

They have appeared on many television programs on CNBC and CNN Money, and in many publications such as The New York Daily NewsThe Wall Street Journal,Forbes, Morningstar.comMoney.com, BusinessWeek Online, and many other media outlets that appreciate their perspective on encouraging young investors and young entrepreneurs. Please see the following link for more information on their media appearances: media

TeenBusiness.com is primarily curated by Nkem Modu and Amara Modu -- both in their early 20's and both attended Trinity College in Connecticut. 

Emmanuel Modu attended University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School after receiving his undergraduate degree from Princeton University.

Andrea Walker is graduate of Princeton University, the George Washington School of Law, and Seton Hall Law school where she received her Master’s in Law. We are married to each other and we have two children

If you have questions about TeenBusiness.com please email us at: teenbusiness@gmail.com. 

Chief Curator: Nkem Modu (Nkem.Modu@gmail.com)

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