Special iPhone Case for Emergency Calls

These high school teens from the Seattle, Washington area created a case for an iPhone which you can squeeze to connect to emergency services. They were competing in n iPhone case that you can squeeze. They participated in the Tie Young Entrepreneurs Seattle Program. > Read Full Article

Teen's Flashlight Runs by Heat of Human Hands

Anne Makosinski, 16, created a flashlight that could run off of the warmth of one’s hands. She called it “Hollow Flashlight” and won a Google Science Fair award for the creation. The Victoria, British Columbia teen is shown here on NBC's The Tonight Show.  > Read Article and Play Video

High School Student Builds Online Magazine, Her Culture

Kate Avino of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey started her own online magazine so that women around the world would have a place to read about and share experiences, lifestyles, traditions, languages, and customs.The magazine, Her Culture, has featured prominent women such as Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Congolese women’s-rights activist Neema Namadu. > Read Full Article and Go To Magazine Site

Teen Entrepreneur Invents Customizable Glasses

Summer sunshine in your eyes? Check out Matthew Sheffield's Shady Eyedeas styles and design your own cool shades for 19 bucks. With 2 pairs of shades, customers can create up to 16 variations of sunglasses. > Read Full Article

Meet 14-Year-Old Chef and Entrepreneur

As the host of her own healthy cooking show, Cook Time with Remmi, Remmi Smith inspires children all over the country to live in wellness. Her Italian salad dressing is sold at Whole Foods Market and other specialty stores. > Read Full Article and See Video

High School Freshman's Starts Medical Device Company

Sumum Mulumundi of Snohomish, Wasington created an electronic stethoscope. He formed a company, StratoScientific to market and develop that device and others he has in mind. > See Video

12-Year-Old Boy Invents Sandbag Polymer To Help Block Water During Floods

To eliminate the gaps between sandbags that tend to let some water through, Peyton Robertson designed an interlocking fastener system that holds the bags in place as the polymer expands. > Read Full Article

High School Student Develops Early-Stage HIV Test

Nicole Ticea, a Grade 10 student from Vancouver Canada who has developed an early-stage HIV test is headed to Ottawa to compete against other young scientists in an international competition. Using an isothermic nucleic acid amplification system, she developed a point-of-care HIV test with help from her Simon Frasier University mentors. > Read Full Article 

High School Sophomore Gets Her Clothing Products Into Saks Fifth Avenue

Madison Nicole Robinson, 16, has introduced a line of wedges and cork-soled sandals for women to her clothing line. And this spring she launched the tweens clothing brand, Madison Nicole, in Saks Fifth Avenue and 120 U.S. boutiques. > Read Full Article

15 Year Old Entrepreneur Tries to Disrupt the Sugary Drink Market

Alarmed by childhood obesity, Carter Kostler knew there had to be a better portable drink solution and decided to innovate from something he saw in his own home: fruit infused water. > Read Full Article

High School Business Incubator Funds Teen Entrepreneurs

The students generated over 31 startup concepts, from which the best five were chosen to present at a star-dudded pitch event hosted by CNBC television personality, Jim Lurio. > Read Full Article and See Pitch Video

Teen Wins Business Funding in Warren Buffet Contest

Few teens can count legendary investor Warren Buffet among their venture's backers. But 15-year old budding entrepreneur has accomplished just that. > Read Full Article

Teen Entrepreneurship is Great but College Is Still Worth Every Penny

The New York Times reports on the rising value of a college degree. > Read Full Article


Lessons to be Learnt from Ireland’s Teenage Entrepreneurs

These young entrepreneurs can teach us a few things about entrepreneurship and setting up a business. Student Enterprise Awards in Ireland highlights the special talents of Ireland's young entrepreneurs. > Read Full Article

Teen Entrepreneur Turns Class Project Into Business Opportunity

Sara McClaskey of Columbus Ohio turned her love of horses into a business by staring  her own horse supply shop at age 16. > Read Full Article and See Video

Girl, 15, Starts Online Jewelry Business

Kiana Kiki Elam, 15, makes a living by selling her hand-made bracelets at local boutiques, and a popular shopping website, Etsy. > Read Full Article and See Video 

Teen Titan Shakes Up Youth Bra Industry

Meet the high school senior from Jackson Hole, Wyoming who started a company called Yellowberry which makes wholesome and age-appropriate bras for girls ages 11-15. > Read Full Article

New York Teen Entrepreneur Taps Maple Syrup Profits. 

Joshua Parker launched Parker Maple Farm from his rural family home in Canton, N.Y., aiming for success in a long and storied tradition, turning sap to maple syrup. > Read Full Article and See Video.

6th Graders Beat Ivy League Schools in Investment Competition

Students from Oak Grove Lutheran in Fargo, North Dakota are mastering the game of money managing and national media is all over their success. They have bested some of the nation's Ivy League schools in a recent stock investment competition. > Read Full Article and See Video.

Teen Turns Jewelry Business Into a $250 Million Fortune

Video: Business pays off for teen entrepreneur who turned her love for jewelry into Origami Owl -- a company that now generates millions of dollars in revenue. > See Video

Survir Mirchandani on CNN discussing his idea to save government millions each year.

Survir Mirchandani on CNN discussing his idea to save government millions each year.

Teen Proposes Government Changes Fonts To Save Millions

Reducing paper use through recycling and dual-sided printing had been talked about before as a way to save money and conserve resources, but there was less attention paid to the ink for which the paper served as a canvas for history and algebra handout. 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani of Pittsburgh, PA may just have changes all that. > Read Full Article and See Video

> Also see original article by Suvir Mirchandani and Peter Pinko in Journal of Emerging Investigators.

Vital Skills Teen Business Owners Learn On The Job

Forbes Magazine profiles brothers Keeve and Deim Dixon, age 17 and 14. Their father suggested they consider doing something with pictures so they created a real-time multiplayer mobile game they call "Pic It". Read Full Article

Over $1 Million In Sales for 15-Year Old Entrepreneur

Over $1 Million In Sales For The 15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Behind Fish Flops: Madison Robinson's company, Fish Flops, makes apparel for children and it all began with her designs for flip flops which she’s been thinking up herself since coming up with the idea in 2006. She now takes orders from the biggest department stores in the United States. > Read Full Article

Teen Sneaker Entrepreneur Makes $60,000 On His Website.

Jason Shatsky, a high school freshman sells hundreds of pairs of sneakers from a  web site he runs from his bedroom: Jason buys pairs of shoes that are high in demand, marks the price up as their value increases, then sells them online. > Read Full Article