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Google Pledges $50 million for "Made With Code" for Young Girls

 Made with Code, wants to inspire girls to code and includes introductory coding projects and a commitment of $50 million over three years to support programs that can help get more women into computer science. Made with Code launched with partners Chelsea Clinton, Mindy Kaling, MIT Media Lab and the National Center for Women & Information Technology, among others.

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16-Year-Old Celebrity Chef Promotes Wellness

Remmi Smith, who has  a show called Cook Tiime With Remmi, inspires children all over the country to live in wellness. Remmi’s Italian salad dressing is sold at Whole Foods Market and other specialty stores. She has also authored a cookbook, Global Cooking for Kids, which features healthy recipes from around the world. Remmi is the Student Ambassador for Sodexo, who serves her recipes in over 4,000 schools across the country. Remmi has partnered with national non-profit No Kid Hungry2 to help feed children in need.

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"Generation Z" Entrepreneurs are Younger Than Google and Ready To Take On the World

Generation 'Z' born through recession are inspired to run own businesses. TeenVestors like Maya Van Wagenen who landed a film deal with DreamWorks at just 15,  are members of the first 'digital native' tribe. Majority of them are younger than Google.  But 'multiscreen culture' means they have increasingly limited attention span.

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Barrington High School In Chicago's Innovative Business Incubator

Summer is a time for many teens to relax, but five groups of Barrington High School students are busier than ever, after finding success in a business incubator class – the first course of its kind in the nation.

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MIT Trains Business Titans

The program, called Launch, was founded by Laurie Stach, an MIT mechanical engineering graduate who has worked at General Electric and BMW, and earned an MBA from Harvard.

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Clean Water Initiative

18 year-old Myla Swallow of Sydney, Australia has designed a system that can sterilize stainless steel baby bottles using a billy can and a simple pump-filter to produce steam. She has founded the Clean Water Initiative to raise awareness and address the issue of unsanitary water and utensils used to feed babies. 

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Bullied Dyslexic 16-year-old Entrepreneur Finds Success

Ollie Forsyth didn’t fit in at school. Bullies picked on him for being dyslexic, for being different. They said he was a nobody and always would be. He’d never succeed in life. Then, just as his idol Richard Branson (of Virgin) gutsily did, he used his doubters’ venom to fuel his budding entrepreneurial fire. > Read Article

Australian Teen's Solution To Stolen Passwords: Login With Pictures

Sam Crowther's  app lets you pick a photo on your device as your password to a Web service, then transmits that as an incredibly long password. It's 512-characters long, to be exact.

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Five Teen Entrepreneurs Makes It Easier To Order Pizza

While apps like Seamless and Postmates have made it easier than ever to order food with almost no hassle, sometimes having to look through options is just too much of a pain. With Push For Pizza, five teens from Brooklyn have created an app that makes it simpler still to get sustenance delivered to your door.

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Funding Campaign by Teen for Invention to Stop Hot Car Deaths

Alissa Chavez of Albuquerque , New Mexico, is running a crowd funding campaign to raise money to develop her invention to stop infant car deaths in hot cars. The campaign is being conducted at the Indiegogo crowd funding website under the title "The Hot Seat."

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