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What Social Entrepreneurship Really Means

So, it should come as little surprise that one of the hottest career options for millennials is the new field of social entrepreneurship. You’ve likely heard this term before, but there are so many different flavors of social entrepreneurship that it can seem overwhelming. Today, let’s dig into this new field so we can better understand its meaning....

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Makers of Custom Sneakers Cash In on Desire for One-of-a-Kind Goods

Blake Barash, tired of worrying about when or if he would be laid off, quit his job and started looking for other work. That was when he saw a want ad from the shoe company Toms. It called for an artist to travel to its “Style Your Sole” events at California retailers and paint custom designs on Toms canvas shoes. Mr. Barash got the Toms job and a year later, had built a substantial portfolio of custom-painted shoes and then decided to start his own business.

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17-Year-Old Josh Parker of Parker Maple Farm

During a local field trip in 2009 to a sugar house, Parker discovered the maple syrup process. At age 11, Parker started his first company, Parker Maple Farm. Glenn Beck interviews Joshua about his company

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Teen Develops Mobile App That Analyzes Speech Patterns & Predicts If A Person Has Parkinson's Disease

Even at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a top-ranked magnet school, senior Pooja Chandrashekar stands out among her brainiac peers. She’s got a 4.57 grade-point average, scored a 2390 (out of 2400) on the SAT, and aced all 13 of her Advanced Placement exams. But that not what makes her so special. What makes her great is that she  also founded a national nonprofit organization that encourages middle-school girls to participate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs. And just as important, she has developed a mobile app that analyzes speech patterns and predicts with 96 percent accuracy if a person has Parkinson’s disease.

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Teen Innovators Show That Age Is Just A Number & Good Ideas Can Come From Anyone, Anywhere

What do Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Braille and Blaise Pascal have in common? They were all in their teens when they created something that changed the world. Lately, we have been hearing more stories of very young innovators who were inspired to create patent-worthy ideas for humanity. At 15, Ann Makosinski, a Filipino-Canadian student, combined peltier tiles, a hollow aluminum tube and a light-emitting diode (LED) to make a human-powered flashlight.....

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The 10-Year-Old Girl Boss Behind the "Love Sandals"

Abi Smithson set out to make sandal tan lines an accessory, rather than an unattractive side effect of summer. With help from Robert Ott from Ryerson University and David Bensadoun of the Aldo Group, the Love Sandal and heart-shaped tan line were born. 

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The 20-Year-Old Founder of Fresco News Who Turned Down Apple

Last fall, John Meyer made the difficult decision to drop out of a prestigious university computer-science program to work full time on his tech startup, Fresco News. Fresco News is the modern version of the Associated Press. It crowdsources breaking news and photos from Twitter, Instagram and other social media, verifies it, and gets the license to publish relevant images.

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Aashan Mongo Is Already An Accomplished High Tech Teen Tech of Silicon Valley

Aashna Mago, 19 years old and from Newtown, Pennsylvania, came out to join us and perched on a table. She moved into Castro House in April, after leaving Stanford to work for Rothenberg Ventures, a VC firm with a focus on virtual reality. At the firm, she works with portfolio companies, writes code, and stitches together video to create virtual-reality scenes.

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Teen Crowdfunding for Smell-Based Alarm Clock

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, literally. At least, that's what Guillaume Rolland, an 18-year-old French entrepreneur, intends with SensorWake, a new innovation in alarm clock technology.

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How Overcoming Your Fear Of Public Speaking Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Public speaking has been my kryptonite for a very long time now. The first time I ever spoke in public, I suffered a severe anxiety attack. It was an awful experience and something that stuck in the back of my mind ever since. I also believed that public speaking was the main thing holding me and our company back from reaching our full potential....

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Meet the Global Student Entrepreneurial Awards Finalists (High School Division) 

It's really amazing to see how transformative entrepreneurship can be and the lessons one can learn from starting a business. This was the case for high school student entrepreneur Yasmeen Haider, the founder of Cake Pop Place and the winner of the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards (GSEA) High School Division...

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18-Year-Old Daniel Katz Raises $3 Million For His 3-Month-Old Company

Daniel Katz started his first business at age 12; bought and sold cars before he could legally drive them and left college at 17 because it was holding back his entrepreneurial spirit. So, in a sense, it isn’t all that surprising that he was able to raise $3 million from outside investors three months after launching D’s Naturals, his Blue Ash–based protein bar company ..... 

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Ambitious Teens Flocking To Silicon Valley

As the demand for tech labor grows, ambitious teenagers are flooding into San Francisco. There’s no official tally of the number of teens who work in tech, but Fontenot estimates that there are as many as a hundred recent high school dropouts working on startups in the city....

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Young Entrepreneur, Ari Weinstein, and His Top Selling App

When Ari Weinstein of Philadelphia was 7, he learned HTML. At 13, he created a jailbreak app for the Apple iTouch that was downloaded more than 1 million times. At age 18, Weinstein took a gap year after high school in order to work as a software engineer at a startup company called WiFast in Mountain View, California.And at 19, Weinstein left Massachusetts Institute of Technology and packed his bags for the West Coast after he was awarded a fellowship to work on two apps, both of which took iTunes by storm when they were released in 2013 and 2014......

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14-year-old Zandra Azaria Cunningham's Company, Zandra's Beauty

What was your first job ever? Were you running your own natural beauty product business like a total boss? Well, Zandra Azaria Cunningham, the founder of Zandra Beauty, is not only doing that at 14 years old, but she’s empowering other teenage girls along the way. Cunningham’s eponymous brand is a result of five years of education, research, determination, and balance.

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Meet 14-year-old Noah Cahoon: CEO of Paper Box Pilots

14-year-old Noah Cahoon is the CEO of his own company, Paper Box Pilots. Paper Box Pilots is a toy company that creates stickers for children to decorate on cardboard boxes. The idea came to Noah when he was just 6 years old. “My Dad helped me make little cardboard boxes and showed me how airplanes worked," said Noah. "We had a really fun time flying around in our boxes."

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The Not-So-Ordinary Life of a Teenager With Venture Capital

In a Palo Alto conference room, Shubham Banerjee pieced together the printer he had invented at his kitchen table. In a few minutes, he would show it off to Belgian diplomats. He was a little nervous.


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If The Boot Fits: Teen Scores With Her Design

Shiofa Ryan, 16, from St Brendan’s Community College in Birr, Co Offaly, invented a new type of hurling boot that won the top award. The transition student designed and manufactured the boots called An Tionchar, the Irish word for impact.

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Twelve-Year-Old Entrepreneur Breaks Into Fashion Industry For An Important Cause

Grace Rose Bauer’s hand was not ideal. At two weeks old, Bauer was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that attacks the respiratory and digestive systems. Now at 12 years old, the aspirational sixth grader is an entrepreneur and fashion designer, using her fashion line, Rosie G.

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Success Comes Early For 14-Year-Old Pen Maker

With a love of video games and skateboarding, Anna Williams is every bit the typical teen. "You can definitely find me hanging out with my friends all the time," said Williams, an eighth grader in the Niskayuna School District. The 14-year-old is like her peers in many ways, but she happens to be the only one running a successful business from her dad's basement.

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15-Year-Old Brook Martin Appears On Shark Tank With Her ICPooch

15-year-old tech entrepreneur Brooke Martin of Spokane, Wash., made her debut on Shark Tank  — pitching her invention, iCPooch, a video conferencing device and remote treat dispenser for pets. (All the more remarkable, Brooke was only 14 when the episode was recorded.)

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Teen Is Publisher of Men's Magazine For "The Digital Age"

At 16, Sean Spooner says he did “what any confused young businessperson would do” and applied for the final series of the BBC’s 2012 Young Apprentice show. While he felt he “had no chance” of being selected, Spooner was shortlisted from 16,000 applicants to the final 12 and, despite being fired early in the process, rather ironically on a publishing task, Spooner was undeterred – taking the lessons he learned on board to launch London men’s lifestyle magazine Magnate. Sean is now 19.

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How 14-year-old Rachel Zietz Built a $1 Million Company

On paper, Rachel Zietz didn't seem out of place among the other finalists for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's 2015 Entrepreneur Award for young professionals. Her lacrosse equipment company is on track to top $1 million in revenue after launching less than two years ago. Gladiator Lacrosse products are the top-rated in their category on, above bigger, better-known brands.

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Teens Joining High School Business Incubator Classes In Great Numbers

Throughout the year students work in groups to come up with an idea for a business and test the product or service to determine if it can be successful. Along the way they pick up soft skills, such as team work and more technical skills, such as finance. The final test for students who make the cut is to pitch the business idea to a panel of investors, who might offer real money to fund the students' ventures – much like in the competition reality show "Shark Tank." Last year, $80,000 in funding from community resources was awarded to the teen entrepreneurs, Soulakian says.

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Teen Offers His Own Line Of Clothing

It’s fitting that years after Steve Jobs delivered his commencement address to Stanford University’s graduating class ending with the iconic quote above that it still resonates with 18-year-old Parker Smith of New Bern. Smith was only in elementary school when Jobs, the visionary entrepreneur who founded Apple in his parents’ garage, spoke those words. However, the high school senior who has already ventured out in the business world identifies personally with the sentiment.

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The Most Powerful People Under 30

These days more than ever, young people can do almost anything. Business Insider ranked the most powerful people under 30 across all industries based on four criteria: how many people they formally command; how much they're worth; how much they have shaped the world; and how much they are likely to shape the world in the future.

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How To Build An Online Community

Extremely valuable advice from Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, on the early traction process of building an online community.

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