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The first thing you must do in writing your business plan is to completely describe your business idea on paper. What are you going to be selling? You should write short, specific statements describing your products or services.

When 16-year-old Sue Hansen of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, decided to start a T-shirt business, she knew she had to sell a product that no one in her area had ever offered before. She came up with a great concept called SportsTees. She described her business in very simple terms: "My business is to sell T-shirts with hand-drawn colorful works of art." Sue was an accomplished painter and she had won numerous art competitions in her area. To her, SportsTees was a labor of love.

You should focus on the type of products or services you will offer by making a list of what benefits your customers will get from you. I find that young entrepreneurs realize how much work will be involved in their businesses only when they jot down what they intend to do for their customers.

Two teenagers who wanted to start a wallpapering business thought it was going to be easy. When they finally started making their list, it included the following arduous tasks: removing the old wallpaper, lining up the edges in the corners, making sure the paper was not buckled, and other difficult tasks. They decided that it was too much work and they tried their hand at something else.