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Once you have a thorough understanding of what a company does, your next step is to look at the company's financial numbers. These numbers include the size of the company, its sales or revenue, its earnings, its balance sheet components, and other significant factors that can help you make a decision about whether to buy the company's stock. This section is primarily to help you evaluate stable companies that have been making money for a period of three to five years. As you go through the calculations in this section, keep in mind that most of the numbers you need in order to analyze a company are readily available through various investment websites. We believe, however, that you will be a better Teenvestor if you truly understand the meaning of the numbers and do some of the calculations on your own.

Below are links to detailed descriptions of some of the important financial data you need in order to properly evaluate a company:

> Balance Sheet

> Income Statement

> Sales & Costs

> Profit Measures

> Profitability Ratios