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The box to the right lists websites that will help you find companies that offer Direct Stock Plans and DRIPs. These websites can also tell you about investment minimums and give you other useful information about direct investment plans. In addition, some of them have screens for the following categories of companies with Direct Investment Plans:

  • Companies in the Dow

  • Companies in the Fortune 500 list

  • Companies in the Forbes 500 list

  • Companies in the S&P

Netstockdirect is our favorite site for direct investment plans but there are several other important sites. DripAdvisor (shown in the box) gives you an alphabetical listing of Direct Stock Plans and allows you to sort by the number of shares to qualify, minimum investment balances, and other criteria. We strongly recommend that you start by investing in by getting into plans that don’t require that you already own a share. Equiserve and Mellon Investor Services provide services to companies with Direct Stock Plans so you can get information on many of these plans through their websites.

You can generally get a copy of the prospectus for each Direct Purchase Plans from the sites listed in the box.

Checking Company Websites

If you have any companies in mind, you can always check their website to see if they offer a Direct Investment Plan. Look for sections on the sites that refer to “investors,” “investor relations,” or “shareholder services”. If all else fails, do a search on the website to look for references to “dividend reinvestment plan” or “dividend investment plan.”