How many of you reading this can honestly say that your parents really enjoy their jobs? A survey conducted by Donald Kanter, professor of marketing at Boston University, and business consultant Philip Mervis revealed some shocking information about how much workers like their jobs. Seventy-two percent of the 1,115 people surveyed felt that management treated them unfairly, and 42 percent said that they hated their jobs and that their hard work was not rewarded.

This means that in a room of 100 people, 72 of them will say they are mistreated in the companies in which they work, and 42 will say that they detest their jobs and that their jobs are unfulfilling. If your parents happen to love their jobs, great. But people who love their jobs are getting harder and harder to find.

The survey confirms what I have suspected for years—there are a lot of unhappy workers out there who are trapped in jobs they hate and who feel no real sense of accomplishment in their work. What surprises me, however, is that parents with such negative attitudes toward their jobs don’t necessarily tell their children that working for someone is not the only way to make a living. They don’t always tell them that they can be employers instead of employees and they don’t show them how they can start and run their own businesses.

I am here to tell you that starting and running your own business, no matter how small it is, has some very real benefits for you now and when you get older! Even if you end up working for a company, the skills you will learn by starting and running businesses at an early age will come in handy.