Some young entrepreneurs are creative enough to invent products that even grown-ups have not thought about.

Consider Larry Villella of Fargo, North Dakota, who at the age of eleven came up with an innovative C–shaped sprinkler that fit around tree trunks and shrubs to make sure that their roots were properly watered. Larry watched his company, Villella’s ConServ Products Co., rake in at least $70,000.

Fourth-grader Theresa Gentes noticed that her mother often lost her needle while quilting, so she came up with the idea of spraying the needles with neon-colored paint, which makes the needles fully visible in the dark.

If you are as creative as Larry and Theresa, you may be able to market your invention. For information on how young entrepreneurs may be able to profit from their inventions, contact reputable invention organizations. Here is the address of one I am familiar with:

Inventors Network of the Capital Area
P.O. Box 18052
Baltimore, MD 21220
Ph: 443 794 7350