In this section, we highlight teen inventors.  These inventors are profiled in the "News"  section of this website except they are mixed in with many of the other types of entrepreneurs.

Teen Entrepreneur's Water Bottle Also Purifies Water 

The 16-year-old Hopewell Valley Central High School student still has a head filled with ideas, and his latest invention — a water bottle that purifies the water it holds without any outside power source — just made him one of five national winners in the “Guardians of the Galaxy — Guardians of Good” contest for teens with an idea of how to help society.

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14-Year-Old Brooke Martin Just Came Up With An Invention For Video Chatting Your Dog.

At age 12, Brooke Martin of Spokane, Washington came up with a new way to stay in touch with her golden retriever. Now-14-year-old Brooke, armed with her resulting invention, iCPooch, just competed against some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in today's tech world -- and won. The app automatically connects your two devices, so your pet doesn't have to "pick up the phone." iCPooch also lets you automatically deliver a treat to your furry buddy through a device similar to a Pez dispenser.

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Colorado High Schooler Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

Colorado has a history with gun violence so it’s only appropriate that 17-year-old Kai Kloepfer, a high school student from Boulder, would want to apply biometric user authentication to firearms. Kloepfer just won the $50,000 Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge for his smart gun prototype.

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Sterilization of Baby Feeding Bottles 

18 year-old Myla Swallow of Australia has designed a system that can sterilize stainless steel baby bottles using a billy can and a simple pump-filter to produce steam. She has founded the Clean Water Initiative to raise awareness and address the issue of unsanitary water and utensils used to feed babies. 

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Speed Charging of Cell Phones

Teen, Eesha Khare, developed a supercapacitor  prototype that charges faster and lasts for more charging cycles. Khare, a graduate of Lynbrook High School in California was the runner up at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair where 1,600 other finalists from more than 70 countries participated. 

The video is from TBS Television's Conan hosted by Conan O'Brien. Enjoy!



Customizable Sunglasses

Matthew Sheffield reckons that two pairs of Shadys, each $19, allow customers to create up to 16 variations. And three pairs can be transformed into a whopping 81 pairs. The West Windsor, NJ teen has customers in the US, the UK, and Kuwait. > Read Full Article.

Electric Car Built By Girl In High School

Shown here with President Barack Obama, Deidre Carrillo led a project to build an electric car which won first place in a national competition. With her teammates, Carrillo  built their $5,000 race car from scratch, and she raced the car to victory at this year’s Electrathon -- a national competition for student-built electric cars. > Read Full Article

Flashlight Powered by Body Heat

Anne Makosinski created a flashlight that could run off of the warmth of one’s hands. She called it “Hollow Flashlight” and won a Google Science Fair award for the creation. > Play Video To The Left

Invention Turns Smart Phone To a Stethoscope

A Snohomish, Washington  has built a device that turns a smart phone into a stethoscope. He will market his medical device product through  StratoScientific -- his own startup. > See Video

Polymer To Help With Floods

To eliminate the gaps between sandbags that tend to let some water through, Peyton Robertson designed an interlocking fastener system that holds the bags in place as the polymer expands. > Read Full Article

Early Stage HIV Test

Nicole Ticea, a Grade 10 student from Vancouver Canada who has developed an early-stage HIV test is headed to Ottawa to compete against other young scientists in an international competition. Using an isothermic nucleic acid amplification system, she developed a point-of-care HIV test with help from her Simon Frasier University mentors. > Read Full Article 

Planting Seeds

Claire Reid of Johannesburg, South Africa has made her contribution to a green and sustainable environment with her "Gardening Reel" invention she conceived of when she was 16. > Read Article and See Video