Some Teenvestors don’t know the importance of winning the trust of potential customers. Many adults are already skeptical about buying products or services from young entrepreneurs. When the young entrepreneur compounds the problem by arriving late or not arriving at all, these customers rarely give them a second chance. Teenvestors that are serious about their businesses make an extra effort to prove to their customers that they can be as punctual and as dependable as adult entrepreneurs.

Here are some things you can do to earn the trust of your customers:

Business Cards: If you can afford it, you should get business cards and stationery with the company name and a description of your business on them.

Neat Appearance: You should dress neatly when in contact with potential customers. A neatly dressed young entrepreneur sends the message that he cares about the way he looks and, hence, is likely to care about the quality of his work.

Be Prompt: You should be prompt when you show up to do the job or give customers an estimate of what it will cost to provide the service. Nothing irritates customers more than waiting for someone to arrive.

Be Courteous: You should go out of your way to be courteous to potential customers when soliciting their business.

Offer Guarantee: You should offer guarantees on every product you sell or any service you provide. A guarantee tells the potential customers that young entrepreneurs have enough confidence in their businesses to guarantee the quality of their products or services.