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Entrepreneur Lesson Videos - Inspiration & Motivation Series

Here are videos from around the web that may be of interest to you. We will continue to seek and bring you videos that will be of most help to you in starting a business.

The left navigation bar will take you to other video series related to entrepreneurship. If you have any suggestions about what instructional videos to include in this section, please let us know at  or submit the information in the box in the left navigation bar.

"10 questions". 10 questions to consider when starting a business.

"Go Be an Entrepreneur": A video from the Kauffman foundation that advises entrepreneurs to just get started and not just to talk about big plans. 

Make Something People Want: Superstar entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of Reddit, Hipmunk & Breadpig, will inspire you to think of unique ways to connect with your customers. A must-watch!


"Micro Business for Teens". This is a good introduction to youth entrepreneurship. It was created by PBS and it has an inspiring speaker who, as you will see, captivates a young audience about the possibilities of starting and running a business. 

"Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 and On Fire". This video is a roundtable of young entrepreneur on what motivated them. A good inspirational video that should help entrepreneurs of all ages. 

"Challenges and Success".  This video, produced by the Stanford Business School, features several entrepreneurs and their motivations for starting their own businesses. It also highlights pitfalls young entrepreneurs should look out for. The entrepreneur you see on the screen shot, has a very interesting take on starting and running a business. He started a million dollar business at age 16. See his comments beginning at time 18:13 of the video. Please watch the entire video because I think it puts entrepreneurship in perspective.

"Entrepreneurial Mindset". This video, produced by the Kauffman Foundation, is about the entrepreneurial mindset and the  myths around it. 

"Passion Incorporated". This video produced by the Kauffman Foundation is about the importance of having real passion for your entrepreneurial endeavors.