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Entrepreneur Lesson Videos - Business Plan Series

Here are  videos on how to write a business plan. Please note that there are various opinions as to how many sections a business plan should contain or even how elaborate it ought to be. The bottom line is that a business plan is a map for you business that can be modified as you build the various elements of your business. If you want us to add other informative videos to this section, please let us know at  or submit the information in the box in the left navigation bar.

How To Write a Business Plan. An introduction to the various sections of a business plan by the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA). The SBA provides a great free secure online template for writing a business plan. The template is in 8 sections you fill out. Access it at the following location (after registering for a password):

> SBA Business Plan Template 

Writing a Business Plan. The video, introduces the basic four elements of a business plan. This video was produced by the following:> See Video

Writing a Business Plan (cont'd). The video, through examples of real business plans, provides information about the various elements of a business plan.This video was produced by the following:> See Video