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The Love Sandal

For 10-year old Abi Smithson, The Love Sandal is not just a pair of shoes, but a way of life.

> Visit LoveSandal.com


Freetoes Toeless Socks

16-year-old Katelyn Lohr's innovative toeless socks

> Visit Freetoes.com


Young Moguls

Young Moguls clothing line and accessories

> Visit YoungMoguls.com

Define Bottle

15-year-old Carter Kostler's fruit-infused water decanter

> Visit DefineBottle.com

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The Kangaroo Cup

Lily Born, 11, has created an innovative spill-proof unbreakable cup inspired by her ailing grandfather who has Parkinson's disease.

> Visit Imagiroo.com

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Parker Maple Syrup

17-year-old Joshua Parker taps and sells maple syrup he cultivates in his family's upstate New York farm

> Visit ParkerMaple.com

D's Naturals 

18-year-old Daniel Katz raised $3million for his no-dairy candy bars and other products

> Visit  DNaturals.com

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NeIL CAHOON, CEO of paper box pilots

NeIL CAHOON, CEO of paper box pilots

Paper Box Pilots

14-year-old, Neil Cahoon, makes materials kids can use to make cardboard box airplanes.

> Visit PaperBoxPilots.com

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Zandra Beauty

14-year-old Zandra Cunningham sells natural beauty products for girls

> Visit Zandrabeauty.com


Madison Nicole robinson with her fish flops

Madison Nicole robinson with her fish flops

Fish Flops 

17-year-old Madison Nicole Robinson's Fish Flops sell in major department stores and online

> Visit Fishflops.com

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Megan grassell (right) of yellowberry 

Megan grassell (right) of yellowberry 

Yellowberry Age-Appropriate Bras

Young entrepreneur Megan Grassell - founder of Yellowberry Bras inspired by the desire to find age-appropriate bras for her sister.

> Visit Yellowberry.com

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noah mintz of nannies by noah

noah mintz of nannies by noah

Nannies By Noah

15-year-old Noah Mintz is founder of Nannies By Noah -- A million dollar nanny search agency.

> Visit NanniesByNoah.com 

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moziah bridges of mo's bows

moziah bridges of mo's bows

Mo's Bows Bowtie Company

12-year-old Moziah Bridges' company Mo's Bows has made over $100,000 selling beautiful handmade bow ties.

> Visit MosBows.com

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grace rose bauer

grace rose bauer

Rosie G Fashion Line

Grace Rose Bauer’s hand was not ideal. At two weeks old, Bauer was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that attacks the respiratory and digestive systems. Now at 12 years old, the aspirational sixth grader is an entrepreneur and fashion designer, using her fashion line, Rosie G to contribute to the cure for cystic fibrosis. 

> Visit RosieGStyle.com

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one of anna's handcrafted pens

one of anna's handcrafted pens

Pens Ink

Handcrafted custom pens by 14-year-old Anna Williams.

> Visit PensInk.com

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rachel Zeitz, owner of gladiator lacrosse

rachel Zeitz, owner of gladiator lacrosse

Gladiator Lacrosse 

16-year-old Rachel Zietz' company, Gladiator Lacrosses  is on track to top $1 million in revenue after launching less than two years ago. Gladiator Lacrosse products are the top-rated in their category on Amazon.com, above bigger, better-known brands.

> Visit GladiatorLacrosse.com

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Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.34.51 PM.png

Jewelz of Jordan

15-year-old Gabrielle Jordan's company makes fine costume jewelry

> Visit JewelzOfJordan.com

> See Gabrielle's Appearance on Fox News


BrickTree Customs

14-year-old Jake Hansen turns his love of legos into a business


> Visit BrickTree Website

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shelby gogulshi on the view discussing her jewelry line

shelby gogulshi on the view discussing her jewelry line

Your Self Expression Jewelry

16-year-old Shelby Goglushi is the founder of Your Self Expression Jewelry.

> Visit YourSelfExpression.com

> See Shelby's Appearance On The View