Why Teach Investment & Entrepreneurial Skills?

It is our philosophy that learning how to invest or start a business are complementary skills to reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic. To us, investing and the basics of entrepreneurship is a life skill that all students should learn during their early years.

The young need different survival skills from those required just 30 years ago. They face the prospect of diminished social safety nets (such as reduced Social Security benefits and welfare), the prospect of managing more of their retirement funds on their own, and the likelihood that they will have to shoulder more of their own educational and medical expenses as the government and companies find new ways to implement budget cuts. These realities make it imperative that children learn ways to make their money grow, no matter how small the initial amount or understand the basics of starting their own businesses. As a parent, you can play an important role in exposing your children to stocks, mutual funds, and entrepreneurship, at an early age.

We know that educational institutions have not traditionally viewed investment and entrepreneurship education as part of their responsibilities. In truth, teachers typically don't have the resources or the educational material they would need in order to develop basic investment and entrepreneurship courses. We also know that they are already burdened with teaching the 3r's under increasingly more difficult conditions.

This is one of the reasons we took up the challenge to create an investment and  entrepreneurship website for teens. As a parent, you can play a role in making sure your children know that they can learn about investing, starting a business, or follow their passions much like the young entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors featured in this site are doing. In this Parents section, you will find news and information to help you accomplish this goal. 

This section of the site contains: 

  1. A Parents Blog: we will post articles providing advice on how to help you children become Teenvestors

  2. Articles: we will bring you articles and links associated with promoting the investing and entrepreneurial mindset in your children

  3. Videos: we will post videos scoured from the internet about the efforts of parents and educators to develop the investing and entrepreneurial mindset in your children.