You may be better off teaming up with other young entrepreneurs who have complementary skills. They say that two heads are better than one and this is especially true when young entrepreneurs start businesses. Great ideas can come out of a team of entrepreneurs trying to come up with products and services they can sell.

When young entrepreneurs team up to start businesses, they not only benefit from business ideas their partners provide, but they can also take advantage of their partners’ special skills and talents.

One of the biggest myths about entrepreneurs is that they don’t depend on anyone else to run their businesses. This myth portrays entrepreneurs as so individualistic that they do everything themselves. I have found that entrepreneurs who feel that they can do it all don’t last very long. Their downfall is usually that they don’t recognize or admit that they don’t know it all.

Jane Pyle and Jody Knoll of Houston, Texas, teamed up to start their own directory that listed all the important social events in their county and surrounding counties. Jane and Jody got their idea by brainstorming about the types of businesses needed in their area and about the types of skills they each had. They finally decided on the directory. They shared the work based on each person’s skills and expertise. Jane’s job was to call the local newspapers and organizations to find out about upcoming events. She was also responsible for calling local advertisers to sell them ad space in the directory. Jody, on the other hand, wrote the short pieces about the events and compiled them in their bimonthly directory.

As you can see, Jane and Jody came up with their idea by discussing several business ideas and then finally choosing one. Had they not put their heads together, it is possible that they would not have thought about the possibility of starting their own directory.