Teen Business Sites

There are very few sites for teen entrepreneurs, investors and inventors. Since we started our site about 15 years ago, many sites have come and gone. Below, is our current list of sites that we feel can be helpful for teens who aspire to explore their passions in business, investing or inventing new products.

Please let us know if we should add any items to the list. The only criteria is that it provides information for teens and that it is not purely a website for marketing products to teens. Send us an email at:  teen business@gmail.com.

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TeenBusiness @teenmogul Teen Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Inventors This is the most complete site on the topic of teen entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors. In existence since 1999 -- formerly TeenVestor.com. The site includes up-to-date news items/videos about teen entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors from around the world. It also highlights social and green entrepreneurs.
BizKids @bizkidstv Teen Entreprenerus This site supports the PBS show, BizKid$. The site has good videos that feature teen entrepreneurs, and lesson plans for aspiring teen entrepreneurs.
YoungEntrepreneur @YoungTrep Young Entrepreneurs Administered by Entrepreneur Magazine (entrepreneur.com) -- it sometimes has stories about teen entrepreneurs but is primarilly for 20-something entrepreners.
Kidhire @KidHire Teen Entrepreneurs Launched on June 18, 2014. Not much information on the site yet but it looks like its goals are to teach entrepreneurship to kids and have parents involved so as to monitor their activities for safety.
YoungBiz @YoungBizUSA Teen Entrepreneurs Teaches finance and entrepreneurship -- like TeenBusiness.com, it has been around for at least a decade; good teaching tools for educators.
TeenAnalyst @TeenAnalyst Teen Investors Teaches basics of investing -- we believe site has been around for about 10 years.
Retire At 21 @retireat21 Young Entrepreneurs This site generally has news articles that appeal to young entrepreneurs from 18 up. It sometimes has stories about teen entrepreneurs.