Teen Social Entrepreneurs & Innovators

New generation of teen entrepreneurs are driven by social concerns. Here is our list of some of the socially-conscious teen entrepreneurs and innovators we have featured at TeenBusiness.com . You will find many more at the following link > More Socially Conscious Teen Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Photo: National Geographic

Photo: National Geographic

The 16-Year-Old Girls From Ireland Who Won The Top Prize At The Google Science Fair

Using bacteria to combat the global food crisis? A trio of Irish 16-year-olds from Cork County, Ireland, came up with this project, which took the grand prize in the competition. After extensive tests, the students discovered that two naturally-growing strains of Rhizobium bacteria--which have a symbiotic relationship with legumes--speed up the germination process of barley and oats by 50%, and increase crop yield by an average of 30%.

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Photo: TechCrunch

Photo: TechCrunch

Colorado High Schooler Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

Colorado has a history with gun violence so it’s only appropriate that 17-year-old Kai Kloepfer, a high school student from Boulder, Colorado would want to apply biometric user authentication to firearms. Kloepfer just won the $50,000 Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge for his smart gun prototype.

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Photo: Facebook Profile

Photo: Facebook Profile

These Teens Designed An App To Help Track And Prevent Police Brutality 

These teens from Decatur, Georgia, have come up with what they hope is a possible solution to police brutality and abuse: an app that lets citizens rate their interactions with local law enforcement. At 14, 15, and 16 years old, the siblings have been dabbling in computer science and coding for several years through school programs like MIT’s Scratch, CodeAcademy, and app development classes at nearby Georgia Tech and Emory University.

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Photo: Freetoes Brand Inc. Website

Photo: Freetoes Brand Inc. Website

Teen Entrepreneur Makes Giving Back Top Priority

Katelyn Lohr from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) is not your typical teenager. At age 13, she launched her own company, Freetoes Brand, Inc., to sell her invention: socks without toes, which are now sold across North America in stores like Toys R Us, Hallmark and Learning Express. Ketelyn's business has a charitable side which she takes very seriously.

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Photo: Anzisha Prize Website

Photo: Anzisha Prize Website

Slowing Deforestation In Kenya

Meet 18-year-old Tom Osborn from Nairobi, Kenya. On seeing what deforestration had done to his community and country at large and he wanted to make a difference. He has embarked on a clean energy project producing smokeless charcoal briquettes and distributes cook-clean stoves throughout Kenya. He is a finalist for the Anzisha Prize, in Africa's most prestigious award for young entrepreneurs. 

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Photo: Youtube Video By Kenneth Shinozuka

Photo: Youtube Video By Kenneth Shinozuka

15-year-old Eagle Scout Invents Game-Changing Device for Alzheimer’s Patients 

Kenneth Shinozuka, 15,  won the Scientific American Science in Action Prize.  His goal was to help his wandering grandfather with Alzheimer's stay safe and give his care giving aunt some peace of mind.  The New York City teen’s grandfather is living with the disease, and Kenneth noticed his grandpa would often wander out of bed at night, sometimes injuring himself.Fellow Boy Scouts who volunteered with Kenneth at nursing facilities discovered other Alzheimer’s patients wandered, too. This inspired Kenneth to invent a small sensor an Alzheimer’s patient wears on his or her foot.

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Photo: Australian Women's Weekly

Photo: Australian Women's Weekly

Australian Teen's Clean Water Initiative

18 year-old Myla Swallow of Sydney, Australia has designed a system that can sterilize stainless steel baby bottles using a billy can and a simple pump-filter to produce steam. She has founded the Clean Water Initiative to raise awareness and address the issue of unsanitary water and utensils used to feed babies. 

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