Criteria for Determining the TeenBusiness Top Twenty

Our TeenBusiness Top Twenty entrepreneurs and innovators for 2107 was compiled based on our global research. The criteria for making the list included one or more of the following: the actual or potential positive impact of the business or innovative thinking on society, the originality of the business or innovation, and the actual or potential revenue associated with the business or innovation.

While all young businesses require external funding to get off the ground - especially those started by young entrepreneurs who often lack the financial resources to start a business themselves - we try to give more weight to teens who started businesses without hefty financial donations from their parents. This is not to take away from the accomplishments of teens who received large sums of startup money to fund their endeavors. Rather, we do this to showcase the resourcefulness of the young entrepreneurs who turned a little into a lot.

In the same vain, we tend to avoid including the children of celebrities or actors/actresses unless their accomplishments are, for the most part, unrelated to their celebrity status.

In general, teen entrepreneurs from our prior TeenBusiness Top Twenty lists have not been included in the current list unless they have substantially improved the prospects of their businesses or innovations.

The ages of the young entrepreneurs range from 11 to 20 years old. The list is in no particular order -- all of the TeenVestors shown here are winners.