Definition of a TeenVestor


A TeenVestor is generally defined as a teenager who has invested his or her time, skill, or resources in one or more of the following activities :

  1. running his or her own profit-making business;

  2. acquiring or selling stocks, bonds, and other assets;

  3. advancing the use of his or her own inventions;

  4. engaging in charitable activities to help other people outside of his or her immediate family;

  5. starting business activities motivated by social or environmental concerns; or

  6. engaging in other activities to explore his or her passions.

It is important to note that even though some TeenVestors are engaged in activities in which they hope to make a profit to achieve financial goals, there are many who are involved in not-for-profit activities or are motivated by social/environmental concerns. 

> Here are examples of TeenVestors in the US and around the world.