TeenBusiness Top Twenty 2015 (Also See TeenBusinesss Top Twenty 2014)

Our TeenBusiness Top Twenty entrepreneurs and innovators for 2015 was compiled based on our global research. The criteria for making the list included one or more of the following: the actual or potential positive impact of the business or innovative thinking on society, the originality of the business or innovation, and the actual or potential revenue associated with the business or innovation. We tend to avoid including the children of celebrities or actors/actresses unless their accomplishments are, for the most part, unrelated to their celebrity status. The ages of the young entrepreneurs range from 11 to 20 years old. The list is in no particular order -- all of the TeenVestors shown here are winners. 

School girl, 12, takes on TripAdvisor With a New Travel Review Website Aimed At Children

When Bella Tipping came home from a holiday in the United States, the articulate 12-year-old had plenty to say about her experience. But, when she followed her mother to the computer and tried to log into TripAdvisor she discovered that she was too young to hold an account. While some would have quickly forged a date of birth to gain access to the travel review site, this young entrepreneur identified a distinct, child-sized gap in the travel market. And with that, she decided to create her very own travel review website - specifically for kids. 

Meet Teen Health Advocate Haile Thomas

15-year-old Haile Thomas is the founder and program director of the nonprofit Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth (HAPPY). She’s written for Edible Baja Arizona magazine and Today.com. She attended the 2013 State of the Union address as a guest of Michelle Obama.

Anya Pogharian, Montreal Teen Inventor, Takes Portable Dialysis Machine To The World

Anya Pogharian never thought her high school science fair project would bring her international attention and job opportunities from around the world. "India, Australia, Russia, Armenia — like everywhere, just everywhere. South America. You name it, I got a message from there," said Pogharian. Ontario-based health-care firm Baxter Corp. offered to sponsor her and provide her with filters. 


How 14-year-old Rachel Zietz Built a $1 Million Company

On paper, Rachel Zietz didn't seem out of place among the other finalists for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's 2015 Entrepreneur Award for young professionals. Her lacrosse equipment company is on track to top $1 million in revenue after launching less than two years ago. Gladiator Lacrosse products are the top-rated in their category on Amazon.com, above bigger, better-known brands.

19-year-old Evan Leedy Raises Over $300K For Detroit Man Who Walks 21 Miles To Work

Detroiter James Robertson couldn't afford a car to drive to work more than 20 miles away from his home — and today he can afford a small fleet. After the Free Press told of Robertson's arduous 21-mile trek to and from his suburban factory job, the story inspired thousands of donations from across the nation. A day later, the soft-spoken machine operator got to meet Evan Leedy, the computer student from Wayne State University who launched an Internet crowd-funding site to gather more than $180,000 — a figure expected to continue to climb today.

Teen Isabella Dymalovski Focused on Growing Cosmetics Busines

Isabella Dymalovski is absolutely made up with how her cosmetics business is going. At just 13, the high-school entrepreneur from St Kilda launched her own range of skincare products called Luv Ur Skin earlier this year. Isabella started working on her own line of products when she was just eight, after being told she couldn’t wear her mum’s skincare products...

Teen, Easton LaChappelle, Makes a Revolutionary Robot Arm

Easton LaChappelle’s brainwave came when he was bored in class. The teenager realised he wanted to do something extraordinary with his life. The question was, what? The answer came from an unexpected direction. LaChappelle tinkered at home, building a robotic arm out of fishing wire, Lego and a 3D printer. Later, he met a young girl who was transfixed with his home-made prostheses – it turned out she had been fitted with a prosthetic limb, one so expensive “it was almost a burden for the family".


11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer Secured $60,000 from Shark Tank for BeeSweet Lemonade

At age four, Mikaila founded BeeSweet Lemonade after two major events occurred--the first being that she was stung by a bee twice in one week. Shortly thereafter, her Great Granny Helen sent her a 1940s cookbook with a special flaxseed lemonade recipe. With this knowledge, Mikaila transformed her fear of bees into a passion for social entrepreneurship and BeeSweet Lemonade was born.

When she appeared on Shark Tank recently, young Mikaila walked away with a sweet deal: FUBU CEO Daymond John invested $60,000 for a 25% stake in the company.

Teen Whiz Kid Eyes Google, Facebook After Creating Addictive Game

Ben Pasternak isn't your average Australian teenager. At 15, he has created an iPhone game that rose up the App Store charts at an incredible rate. In the first six weeks after its October launch, Impossible Rush had been downloaded 500,000 times. It overtook Vine, Google and Twitter as it quickly clocked up downloads with its addictive nature.

Brandon Iverson: Teen Entrepreneur Making Waves With Stylish Clothing Line

Brandon Iverson isn’t your average teenager. The 16-year-old prodigy has been dabbling with entrepreneurship ever since he was a fourth grader. The Atlanta native launched his first venture with close friend and business partner, Jordan Williams, when they were just 10 years old. “It’s [Kids Toys Inc.] kind of like an online eBay for us, where we sold our old toys and games that we didn’t use anymore,” Brandon said in an interview with UrbanGeekz’s Kunbi Tinuoye at this year’s 8th Disney Dreamers Academy...


Noa Mintz, 15, Is Poised To Make Millions In Her Nanny Business

During one of her weekly sessions at SoulCycle last year, Noa Mintz, the founder of Nannies by Noa, had an epiphany: In order to get her booming 3-year-old agency to the “next level,” she would need to hire a CEO to take on day-to-day business matters.
She simply couldn’t handle the “excruciating hours” and “hundreds of emails” she was fielding per day.

The Not-So-Ordinary Life of a Teenager With Venture Capital

Shubham Banerjee came up with the idea after researching Braille online and realizing that printers for the blind cost $2,000 or more. Concerned it was too expensive for most people to afford, Shubham wanted to make an inexpensive version. He asked his dad for a Lego robotics kit that cost about $350 and built a model in about a month for a science fair....

This18-year-old Raised $3 Million for His 3-Month-old Company

Daniel Katz started his first business at age 12; bought and sold cars before he could legally drive them and left college at 17 because it was holding back his entrepreneurial spirit. So, in a sense, it isn’t all that surprising that he was able to raise $3 million from outside investors three months after launching D’s Naturals, his Blue Ash–based protein bar company. The 18-year-old entrepreneur plans to use the capital to buy ingredients in bulk, invest in marketing and hire more than a dozen employees over the next several months.


Rachel Parent of Kids Right to Know

16-year-old Rachel Parent—who was inspired to take up the cause of the labelling of genetically modified foods in school and has become a speaker at TedTalk at TedxToronto, and at protests such as the March Against Monsanto after founding Kids Right to Know—first flitted across our radar in 2013. That’s when she took on the bloviating CBC host O’Leary on his own show and, by all accounts, won, parrying his condescending remarks with her own confident talking points....

Need a stronger password? 11-year-old Mira Modi will sell you a secure phrase for $2

If your online accounts have been hacked before, then Mira might be the expert you need to talk to. New York City sixth-grader Mira Modi has started a business by selling secure passwords for $2 each on her website. The 11-year-old is making digital life more secure by using a decades-old methodology named Diceware that creates strong passwords that are easy to remember but hard to guess.

Nature inspires teen inventor's navigation aid for the blind

An 18-year-old has been presented with an innovation award after designing a navigation system for the visually impaired. Alex Deans was 12 years old when he was inspired watching a visually-impaired woman struggle to cross the street. Deans told CTV's Canada AM that he thought he could help, even though he wasn't immediately sure how.Over the next three years, the Windsor, Ont., teenager spent evenings and weekends building a device that uses ultrasonic sensors.Windsor, Ontario's award winning inventor Alex Dean showcases his device, iAid, that helps the visually impaired.


Bhopal Teen Earns Facebook's COO Sandberg's Praise for App Detecting Birth Defects

Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg put an Indian teen on the world map this year , when she posted about an Indian startup that had enrolled in the FBStart program. Harsh Songra, developer of the My Child app, was diagnosed at the age of nine with dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder (DCD). His parents were unable to identify problems in their son's development for several years, due to lack of awareness and limited access to information about such diseases. 

Aiming to provide a tech fix to this lack of awareness, and hoping to help provide timely information that can be used to control the disorder, he launched the app that parents with children aged 11 to 24 months can use to track developmental disorders.

Meet Teen Entrepreneur Toby Liew, Who's Invented Your Next Smartphone Purchase 'Magniband'

Toby Liew is a 16-year-old from Gillingham, Kent, currently studying towards his A-levels. He's also the brains behind Magniband, a smartphone lens magnifier which looks set to take the consumer electronics world by storm. Unlike other macro photography lenses, which can cost hundreds of pounds, Toby's product costs a fiver, and slips straight onto any smartphone.

Nina Devani, 16, Creates App To Help You Remember Passwords

Specialising in computer security software, Devani launched the company’s first app Prompt Me Nina after her father’s Facebook account was hacked. Having had trouble remembering his various different passwords, Devani came up with a solution – an app which would prompt you on both usernames and passwords without having to give away your actual passwords.

Teen, John Ferguson, Puts Free Shoes on Hundreds of Those Who Have None

Putting shoes on hundreds of those who have none sounds complicated. Especially when the shoeless live half a world away. But Lakota East freshman John Ferguson simply saw a need and is working to fill it. After John's mother Chen, a local university professor, returned from an African trip two years ago, the images she described to her 14-year-old son of impoverished villages and the crying need of basic footwear for the children who lived there haunted him.