TeenBusiness Top Twenty 2014

Our TeenBusiness Top Twenty entrepreneurs and innovators for 2014 was compiled based on our global research. The criteria for making the list included one or more of the following: the actual or potential positive impact of the business or innovation on society, the originality of the business or innovation, and the actual or potential revenue associated with the business or innovation. We tend to avoid including the children of celebrities or actors/actresses unless their accomplishments are, for the most part, unrelated to their celebrity status. The list is in no particular order -- all of the TeenVestors shown here are winners. 

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Canadian Teen Entrepreneur Makes Giving Back Top Priority

Katelyn Lohr from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) is not your typical teenager. At age 13, she launched her own company, Freetoes Brand, Inc., to sell her invention: socks without toes, which are now sold across North America in stores like Toys R Us, Hallmark and Learning Express. Ketelyn's business has a charitable side which she takes very seriously.

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The 16-Year-Old Girls From Ireland Who Won The Top Prize At The Google Science Fair

Using bacteria to combat the global food crisis? A trio of Irish 16-year-olds from Cork County, Ireland, came up with this project, which took the grand prize in the competition. After extensive tests, the students discovered that two naturally-growing strains of Rhizobium bacteria--which have a symbiotic relationship with legumes--speed up the germination process of barley and oats by 50%, and increase crop yield by an average of 30%.

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Colorado High Schooler Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

Colorado has a history with gun violence so it’s only appropriate that 17-year-old Kai Kloepfer, a high school student from Boulder, Colorado would want to apply biometric user authentication to firearms. Kloepfer just won the $50,000 Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge for his smart gun prototype.

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17-Year-Old English Co-founder of Edge Mobile

Ed Hardy is the co-founder and CEO of Edge Mobile. The company's skiing app, Edge,  can track your performance along mountain routes using GPS and allows you to challenge friends. The app is intended to make money through resorts and venue operators paying for the data it collects, and by hosting sponsored challenges.

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Teen Bamboo Bike Manufacturer from Ghana

At 15 years old, Winnifred Shelby co-founded Ghana Bamboo Bikes Intiative in an effort to address unemployment and environment degradation through effective use of local resources. Now 19, Winnifred can boast of produce 60 to 100 bicycles a month. employ 10 employees with an average family of 5 (most of them women).  Winnifred is a finalist in one of Africa's most prestigious award for young entrepreneurs -- the Anzisha prize. Her company, Ghana Bamboo, is recognized for being environmentally friendly and sustainable with local resources.

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Funding Campaign by Teen for Invention to Stop Hot Car Deaths

Alissa Chavez of Albuquerque , New Mexico, ran a crowd funding campaign raise money to develop her invention to stop infant car deaths in hot cars. The campaign raised four times as much money as she was seeking – a testament to the strength of her idea and the need to solve the problem of hot car deaths. The device reminds parents when their child is in the back seat of a car by using a sensor. If you walk more than 40 feet from the car, an alarm will sound.

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15-year-old Eagle Scout Invents Game-Changing Device for Alzheimer’s Patients 

Kenneth Shinozuka, 15,  won the Scientific American Science in Action Prize.  His goal was to help his wandering grandfather with Alzheimer's stay safe and give his care giving aunt some peace of mind.  The New York City teen’s grandfather is living with the disease, and Kenneth noticed his grandpa would often wander out of bed at night, sometimes injuring himself.Fellow Boy Scouts who volunteered with Kenneth at nursing facilities discovered other Alzheimer’s patients wandered, too. This inspired Kenneth to invent a small sensor an Alzheimer’s patient wears on his or her foot.

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A 12-Year-Old's Bow Tie Company Already Has $150,000 In Sales

A 12-year-old entrepreneur who started a bow tie company three years ago has already hit $150,000 in sales. Moziah Bridges appeared on CNBC to promote his holiday collaboration with Cole Haan. Bridges told CNBC he loved dressing up, but could never find bow ties he liked. To solve the problem, his grandmother taught him how to sew. 

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Teen's Anti-Bullying Program Get Disney Award 

At the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards on April 26th, 2014, Matthew Kaplan was awarded for his commitment to his community as one of three "Heroes for Change!" Shakira presented the awards. Matthew won for his anti-bully program, the Be O.N.E. Project.

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16-Year-Old, Erik Finman, Starts Online Tutoring Service With His Bitcoin Profits.

Erik Finman is the founder of Botangle, an online education program that links students with instructors around the world -- a pretty remarkable accomplishment, considering he's only 16 years old.

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14-Year-Old Owner of Jewelz of Jordan

Gabrielle Jordan is the owner of Jewelz of Jordan, a jewelry line she started at the age of 9 years old. Since then she has expanded her brand to include Gabrielle Jordan International which is her speaking and authorship business. Fascinating !!.

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> Twitter: @jewelzofjordan

New Zealand Teen Entrepreneur Ayla Hutchinson Successful with Kindling Cracker. 

Ayla Hutchinson, 15, of Taranaki, New Zealand, has invented and patented the Kindling Cracker, made a profitable business out of it with the help of her parents, and improved the lives of countless people around the world. The Kindling Cracker has a fairly self-explanatory name. It is a tool that cuts kindling (chips of wood for fire starting) safely without having to swing a sharp instrument past your fingers. Ayla invented it after seeing her mum injure her hand when using a tomahawk to cut kindling.

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14-Year-Old Brooke Martin Just Came Up With An Invention For Video Chatting Your Dog.

At age 12, Brooke Martin of Spokane, Washington came up with a new way to stay in touch with her golden retriever. Now-14-year-old Brooke, armed with her resulting invention, iCPooch, just competed against some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in today's tech world -- and won. The app automatically connects your two devices, so your pet doesn't have to "pick up the phone." iCPooch also lets you automatically deliver a treat to your furry buddy through a device similar to a Pez dispenser.

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New York Teen Entrepreneur Taps Maple Syrup Profits. 

It's not how most 16-year-olds spend their time, crunching through the last snow cover of spring amidst an elaborate system of tubing, capturing one of nature's sweetest gifts. Joshua Parker launched Parker Maple Farm from his rural family home in Canton, N.Y., aiming for success in a long and storied tradition, turning sap to maple syrup. "My goal for this year is 1,500 gallons," said Parker. "I think it's realistic, but it all depends on what nature brings."

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Five Teen Entrepreneurs Makes It Easier To Order Pizza

While apps like Seamless and Postmates have made it easier than ever to order food with almost no hassle, sometimes having to look through options is just too much of a pain. With Push For Pizza, five teens from Brooklyn have created an app that makes it simpler still to get sustenance delivered to your door.

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Teen Titan Shakes Up Youth Bra Industry

Meet Megan Grassell, the 19 year-old teen from Jackson Hole, Wyoming who started a company called Yellowberry which makes wholesome and age-appropriate bras for girls ages 11-15. It's an idea she had after taking her 13-year-old sister Mary Margaret shopping for her first bra and finding that all the options were ill-fitting and over-sexualized. In 2014, Grassell (currently 19) raised over $41,000 in a $25,000 Kickstarter campaign, and after a Lingerie Talk post about the campaign went viral, sold out of her first stock of product in days.

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This 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Just Debuted Her Clothing Line at NY Fashion Week

The intrepid path being forged by 13-year-old Isabella Rose Taylor begs a fundamental question for any young entrepreneur wondering when to start up: “Why wait?” . Social media provided a wider jolt of recognition. Taylor’s Facebook page, which now counts more than 166,000 ‘likes’ -- in addition to the novelty of her age -- garnered the attention of local news outlets and eventually major national programs including the Today show.

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Teen Is Rising Star in Electronic Dance Music

Martin Garrix (from Amsterdam, Holland) celebrated finishing music academy classes in June 2014 by partying with hundreds of thousands, first in Warsaw, then Las Vegas (twice), then Dover (yes, Delaware) and then back in Vegas. Such is life when you’re the fastest-rising act in electronic dance music. In the span of 12 months, the 18-year-old Garrix not only completed school, but went from a being a literal spectator at the world’s largest music festivals to performing on their main stages, propelled by a Top 10 hit, savvy business partnerships and a certain self-awareness that’s often lost on young stars. “It’s crazy to see how much has happened in such a small time period,” says Garrix, sprawled out on a copper couch inside Las Vegas’ Hakkasan nightclub. 

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16-Year-Old Celebrity Chef Promotes Wellness

Remmi Smith, who has  a show called Cook Tiime With Remmi, inspires children all over the country to live in wellness. Remmi’s Italian salad dressing is sold at Whole Foods Market and other specialty stores. She has also authored a cookbook, Global Cooking for Kids, which features healthy recipes from around the world. Remmi is the Student Ambassador for Sodexo, who serves her recipes in over 4,000 schools across the country. Remmi has partnered with national non-profit No Kid Hungry2 to help feed children in need.

> Article in Tulsa World by Laurie Winslow

> Remmi's Site

> Twitter: @cooktimeremmi


15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Tries to Disrupt the Sugary Drink Market

If you watched ABC’s Shark Tank on March 14, 2014 you probably came away impressed by 15-year old inventor and entrepreneur, Carter Kostler from Virgina Beach, Virginia. Carter saw some disturbing statistics about childhood obesity and witnessed first hand at his own school the rampant consumption of sugary sport and soda drinks by kids. He knew there had to be a better portable drink solution and decided to innovate from something he saw in his own home: fruit infused water. With support from his parents on the industrial design, patent attorneys and manufacturing, Carter was able to create the perfected Define Bottle.

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