Makers of Custom Sneakers Cash In on Desire for One-of-a-Kind Goods

Makers of Custom Sneakers Cash In on Desire for One-of-a-Kind Goods

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Makers of Custom Sneakers Cash In on Desire for One-of-a-Kind Goods

Blake Barash saw a want ad from the shoe company Toms. It called for an artist to travel to its “Style Your Sole” events at California retailers and paint custom designs on Toms canvas shoes. Blake got the Toms job and a year later, had built a substantial portfolio of custom-painted shoes and then made the great decision to start his own business.

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17-Year-Old Josh Parker of Parker Maple Farm

During a local field trip in 2009 to a sugar house, Parker discovered the maple syrup process. At age 11, Parker started his first company, Parker Maple Farm. Glenn Beck interviews Joshua about his company

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Teen Develops Mobile App That Analyzes Speech Patterns & Predicts If A Person Has Parkinson's Disease

Even at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a top-ranked magnet school, senior Pooja Chandrashekar stands out among her brainiac peers. What makes her great is that she  also founded a national nonprofit organization that encourages middle-school girls to participate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs. And just as important, she has developed a mobile app that analyzes speech patterns and predicts with 96 percent accuracy if a person has Parkinson’s disease.

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Teen Innovators Show That Age Is Just A Number & Good Ideas Can Come From Anyone, Anywhere

What do Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Braille and Blaise Pascal have in common? They were all in their teens when they created something that changed the world. Lately, we have been hearing more stories of very young innovators who were inspired to create patent-worthy ideas for humanity. At 15, Ann Makosinski, a Filipino-Canadian student, combined peltier tiles, a hollow aluminum tube and a light-emitting diode (LED) to make a human-powered flashlight.....

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Aashna Mago Is An Accomplished Teen Tech In Silicon Valley

This 19-year-old works with portfolio companies, writes code, and stitches together video to create virtual-reality scenes. “I have to act like I’m not 19,” she said. “The other day after work, everyone went to drinks.” She went home. See her story and those of other teens making their way through Silicon Valley.

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